One third of the families in Bihar are living on six thousand rupees or less per month.

Patna, November 7 (Language) One-third of the families in Bihar are living below the poverty line and they are earning Rs 6000 or less per month. This has come to light from the detailed report on caste survey presented in the Assembly on Tuesday.

The report also acknowledged that there is a lot of poverty among the upper castes but the percentage of backward classes, Dalits and tribals is higher than them.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Vijay Kumar Chaudhary presented this report in the House, according to which there are about 2.97 crore families in Bihar, out of which more than 94 lakh (34.13 percent) families are poor.

Another important thing revealed in this report is that more than 50 lakh Biharis are living outside the state in search of livelihood or better education opportunities.

The people (Biharis) earning livelihood in other states are around 46 lakhs while 2.17 lakh people (Biharis) are in foreign countries.

The number of Biharis studying in other states is around 5.52 lakh while 27,000 people are studying abroad.

It is noteworthy that the preliminary findings of the caste survey were released on October 2.

The Nitish Kumar government had ordered this survey after the Center refused to conduct the caste survey.

According to the primary findings of this survey, Other Backward Classes (OBC) and Extremely Backward Classes (EBC) in Bihar constitute 60 percent of the total population of the state while upper castes constitute about 10 percent.

According to this report, the poverty rate among upper castes is more than 25 percent. Kayasthas are a numerically minor minority among the upper castes among Hindus. In this community, which lives largely urban life, only 13.83 families are poor.

The poverty rate is surprisingly high among Bhumihars (27.58 percent). It is believed that Bhumihar is the caste with the most land in Bihar. This caste dominated state politics until the Mandal wave in the 1990s. The Mandal wave established a new power structure.


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