Pakistan decided not to support Afghan Taliban

Islamabad, Nov 9 (PTI) In a major policy shift, Pakistan has decided not to support the Afghan Taliban’s cause internationally following Kabul’s failure to neutralize the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) terror group. It has been decided not to provide any other assistance. This information was given in a media report on Thursday.

Pakistan will no longer give any ‘special concessions’ to the interim Afghan Taliban government, indicating a deterioration in relations between the two neighbours, The Express Tribune newspaper reported.

TTP was founded in 2007 as an umbrella group of several extremist organizations. TTP has ideological links with the Afghan Taliban and is also known as the Pakistan Taliban.

Its main objective is to implement the strict rules of Islam throughout Pakistan. Pakistan hoped that after coming to power, the Afghan Taliban would not allow TTP members to be used against Pakistan by driving them out of the country. But he has refused to do so despite strained relations with Pakistan.

The Express Tribune newspaper said that the immediate implication of the apparent change in Pakistan’s policy is that the chances of the Afghan Taliban government getting international recognition are further reduced than before.

Official sources told the newspaper on Wednesday that Pakistani aid and goodwill extended to the Afghan Taliban government after it came to power in August 2021 was taken for granted.

Following the Taliban’s return to power, Pakistan emerged as its main supporter, urging the international community and stakeholders, especially Western countries, to engage with the new rulers in Kabul.

Pakistan’s policy of acting as the spokesperson for the interim government of Afghanistan is often strongly criticized within and outside the country. However, officials at the time defended this approach, insisting that the Afghan Taliban is a reality and there is no other option but to work with them.

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