Pakistan puts on hold the decision to deport Afghan citizens till December 31: Officials.

Karachi, November 11 (Language) The Pakistani government on Saturday postponed till December 31 the decision to deport legal Afghan refugees whose residence documents expire this year.

The decision came when Acting Information Minister of Pakistan’s Balochistan province Jan Achakzai said on Friday that the government has also decided to send back to their country those Afghan residents who have been living here for years even after the expiry of the valid documents. Are.

“There has also been a stay on deportation till December 31 of those Afghan refugees whose registration proof or ‘POR’ cards expired this year,” it said in an official statement. ,

The Pakistan government had asked illegal Afghan refugees living in the country to leave the country by November 1. The government had said that legal action would be taken against those who do not do so. Since then, the government is continuing the process of deporting Afghans living illegally.

Achakzai said that so far 250,000 Afghan citizens have voluntarily returned home while another 80 thousand Afghan citizens have been deported through Chaman or Torkham border.

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