Pakistani fisherman became millionaire overnight by selling rare fish

Karachi, November 10 (Language) A fisherman in Karachi city of Pakistan became a millionaire overnight after auctioning a rare fish with many medicinal properties.

Haji Baloch, a resident of Ibrahim Haidri village, and his team caught ‘Golden Fish’ or ‘Sova’ in the local dialect from the Arabian Sea on Monday.

Mubarak Khan of ‘Pakistan Fishermen Folk Forum’ said, ‘On Friday morning, fishermen sold that fish in an auction at Karachi port for about Rs 7 crore.’

“Sova” fish is considered precious and rare because the substances coming out of its stomach have excellent healing and medicinal properties. The thread-like substance obtained from fish is also used in surgical procedures.

This fish, which often weighs 20 to 40 kg and is up to 1.5 meters in length, is in great demand in East Asian countries. More importantly, “Sova” fish also holds cultural and traditional significance, it is used in traditional medicines and local cuisine.

Baloch said, ‘We were fishing in the open sea of ​​Karachi… then we found the goldfish and it was unexpected for us.’

Haji said he would share the money with his team of seven.

He said that the fish come near the coast only during the breeding season.

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