Pakistan’s Chief Justice bans use of word ‘Saheb’ with government posts

Islamabad, November 21 (Language) Chief Justice of Pakistan Qazi Fayaz Isa has banned adding the word ‘Saheb’ to the post names of public servants, saying that it unnecessarily enhances their status and makes them disrespectful to the people. Makes one feel not accountable.

In a two-page order, Chief Justice Isa said it is not advisable to add the word ‘Sir’ to one’s title as it creates illusions of grandeur and irresponsibility, The Express Tribune newspaper reported. Which may be unacceptable because it is against the interests of the public they are supposed to serve.

Chief Justice Isa’s order came while he was hearing a bail plea in the case of the murder of a child in Peshawar last year.

He said in the order that the Additional Advocate General of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province had addressed a local Deputy Superintendent of Police as ‘DSP Sahib’.

According to Pakistan Today, Chief Justice Isa reprimanded the Additional Advocate General and said, ‘You have spoiled everything by calling him sir. Is he a DSP or an incompetent DSP,…and sir is not….

Justice Isa said the challan in the case was based only on two statements and lacked proper investigation.


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