PCC gave notice to Ramsharan Yadav, sought reply within 24 hours, read full news

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PCC gave notice to Ramsharan Yadav and sought reply within 24 hours.

Bilaspur- There has been an uproar in Congress after the revelations of former MLA Arun Tiwari. PCC has issued a notice to Mayor Ramsharan Yadav asking him to reply within 24 hours. Yesterday Mr. Tiwari had released an audio clip in which the issue of ticket purchase has been revealed.

Congress has issued a show cause notice to Mayor Ramsharan Yadav. In fact, the audio clip of the telephonic discussion regarding ticket distribution for the Assembly Elections-2023 is going viral through social media. On which the State Congress Committee has taken cognizance. Congress says that the kind of conversation taking place in the audio falls within the scope of party indiscipline.

Taking the audio issue seriously, Chhattisgarh Pradesh Congress Committee President Deepak Baij has directed to issue a show cause notice. Show cause notice is issued as per the instructions of the State President. Written reply/clarification letter to the issued notice will have to be given within 24 hours of receipt.

It is noteworthy that on Wednesday, former MLA Arun Tiwari had made public an audio of the telephonic conversation between himself and Mayor Ramsharan Yadav in the press Congress. In the audio being discussed between the two, it has come to light that assembly election tickets will be sold for Rs 4 crore each. In the telephonic discussion, there is talk of paying a huge amount to the Chhattisgarh in-charge in exchange for favors.

As soon as this audio went viral, there was a stir in the political circles. In his press conference, Arun Tiwari claimed that he still has more audio. If it becomes public, there will be an uproar in Congress.

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