Police arrested four people with cash worth Rs 42 lakh.

Noida, November 19 (Language) While solving the mystery of robbery worth lakhs of rupees from the guest house of a private company located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, the police arrested four people and recovered Rs 42 lakh and other things from their possession. A police officer gave this information.

According to the police, four people were arrested in connection with the theft of cash, gold jewelery etc. worth lakhs by breaking the lock of the guest house of a private company located in Noida Sector 61.

According to the police, two of the arrested people worked in the company itself. Police said that Rs 42 lakh in cash, jewellery, two cars etc. stolen from them have been recovered.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone I) Shakti Mohan Awasthi said that the theft was done by breaking the lock of the guest house of Uflex Company located in Noida Sector 61, after registering the complaint, the police arrested Farman son of Habib, Sachin Gupta son of Chandrabhan involved in the incident. Gupta, Sher Bahadur Thapa and Ranjit Singh Rawat, son of Thakur Singh were arrested.

He told that the police recovered Rs 42 lakh in cash, gold jewellery, two cars used in the incident and tools used in breaking the lock etc. stolen from the guest house from them.

The officer said that during interrogation, it was revealed that Farman, one of the arrested criminals, had 29 cases registered against him in the past including theft, murder, robbery, while three cases were registered against Sher Bahadur Thapa, five against Sachin Gupta and two against Ranjit Singh Rawat. Are.

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