Prime Minister Modi ensured that everyone gets the benefits of government schemes: Yogi Adityanath.

Gorakhpur (UP), November 3 (Language) Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Friday accused the previous governments of opposition parties and said that the governments before 2014 used to give benefits of schemes on the basis of caste, religion and face.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, while addressing the inauguration and foundation stone laying ceremony of 140 development projects costing Rs 271 crore at Champa Devi Park in his home district Gorakhpur and the regional scheduled class convention of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), said, “Before 2014, Governments used to give benefits of schemes on the basis of caste, religion and face. “Under the government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, every poor, deprived, Dalit, woman, youth and farmer is getting the benefits of development schemes promptly without any discrimination.”

He said, “There is a large participation of people from Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes among the beneficiaries of these schemes. Today there has been a massive change in the country and the state. Every person rising above creed, creed, caste and religion is standing with full readiness to express gratitude and gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.”

He said that this is also an occasion to express gratitude towards Baba Saheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. He said, “Now the date of 26th November will come, the Prime Minister has started celebrating this date as Constitution Day. It is the responsibility of every Indian to show gratitude to Baba Saheb.”

Yogi said, “Prime Minister Modi did the work of providing a powerful medium to express the feelings towards Dr. Ambedkar and to bring his personality and work in front of the world. Modi is establishing the holy places associated with Baba Saheb as pilgrimage sites for the inspiration of the coming generation.”

In his address, the Chief Minister also talked about celebrating Tribal Day on 15th November. In the Mahasammelan, the Chief Minister said, “Giving benefits of schemes to the poor and the deprived through the double engine is like expressing gratitude to Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar.”

He mentioned in detail the achievements of many schemes including Prime Minister’s Housing. He said that about 3.5 crore poor people in Uttar Pradesh have got toilets while 10 crore poor people in the country have got the benefit of this scheme. He said that similarly, 15 crore people in Uttar Pradesh and 80 crore people in the country are getting free ration.

In the Scheduled Caste Mahasammelan, BJP state president Bhupendra Chaudhary made a sharp attack on the Congress and said, “Congress used to raise the slogan of eradicating poverty but was focused only on eradicating the poor, whereas the Modi-Yogi government is the government that uplifts the poor. ”

He said that before 2017, Uttar Pradesh was in the grip of anarchy, exploitation and oppression of Dalits was common. He said that after Yogi Adityanath became the Chief Minister, the state is leading in the works of development and public welfare.

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