Prime Minister Modi participated in BJP’s Vijay Sankalp Maharally, crowd gathered, said – this election is not a celebration of building the new future of Chhattisgarh, read full news.

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Prime Minister Modi participated in BJP’s Vijay Sankalp Maharally, crowd gathered, said – this election is not a celebration of building the new future of Chhattisgarh.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that this is not just an election in Chhattisgarh but a celebration of building a new future for the state and everyone has to participate as much as possible in it. The state of Chhattisgarh was created by BJP, it also created it and now it will also shape it. Those who betrayed the people of the state will have to be removed. Prime Minister Shri Modi was addressing BJP’s Vijay Sankalp Maharally at Datima Jamboree Ground in the district. He said that Atal ji created Chhattisgarh and Chhattisgarh was created by BJP. Only BJP will improve it.

We do not believe in power but in service. Remembering late Dilip Singh Judev, he said that Surguja had given a dedicated leadership. A leadership that understands the aspirations of the poor, the exploited, the deprived and the backward. There is only one echo everywhere that BJP is back. He appealed to form a strong government in Chhattisgarh by voting as much as possible and said that this festival of democracy is a celebration of building a new future for Chhattisgarh.

Seeing the rally and the crowd, the Prime Minister expressed his gratitude and thanks to the people. He said that the population of tribal brothers and sisters in India is around 9 to 10 crores, but for decades the Congress never worried about them. They were left to their fate. BJP has given top priority to tribal welfare. Did you ever think that a tribal daughter from among you would become the President? Today a tribal daughter is the President of the country, which is a matter of pride. Congress tried hard to stop this, BJP gave respect to tribal sisters and daughters. Whenever the issue of tribal interests came to the fore, the government opened its treasury. Tribal Society For the benefit of the Central Government, the budget has been increased five times.

To ensure better education of tribal children, 500 Eklavya Model Schools are being built in tribal areas. He said that there are no English schools in every village. If a poor child studies in his own language, he cannot become a doctor or engineer because it is necessary for him to know English. Congress had made such rules. The country became independent but the ghost of English did not go from their minds. If we can tell the problems to the doctor in our own language, then why will we not be able to become doctors and engineers by studying in the same language? Our government has decided that a doctor can pursue further studies as an engineer in the same language in which he has studied.

The Prime Minister said that the BJP government has given lakhs of new pattas to tribal families in 9 years. Nine years ago, Congress had given 23 thousand community pattas, we have given 80 thousand community pattas in just nine years. Whenever Congress comes to government, the courage of terrorists and Naxalites increases in the country. In whichever state Congress is in power, crime and looting rule. He said that the Congress government has failed to control Naxalite violence. Many BJP workers have been murdered in the recent past. For everyone’s safety, Congress will have to be removed. Referring to Surguja, he said that human trafficking and drug trade has increased tremendously under the Congress government. Sisters and daughters are being targeted by criminals. Girls from tribal and poor families have gone missing.

Here Congress is promoting illegal infiltrators for votes. The land of tribals is being snatched, for which Congress leaders have no answer. Celebrating Teej festival has become difficult due to the appeasement policies of Congress. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the Congress, which ruled Delhi for decades, has given only false slogans to remove poverty. If we did so much work in 10 years, couldn’t they do it in 5-6 decades? Congress did not do any work except filling its pockets and house. Congress leaders are becoming richer every year. He said that we have worked with full sincerity to remove poverty from the country because only a person who has come out of poverty can understand poverty.

When the crisis of Corona period came, not only India but the world was struggling to save lives. People did not have employment, then we opened stores for the poor tribals so that no poor child sleeps hungry. Even today, 80 crore people are being given free ration in the country. Poor families will continue to get this free ration for the next 5 years. For the welfare of the poor, people are asked to support this decision by lighting the flashlight of their mobile. Somewhere. He said that the Chhattisgarh government did not allow construction of permanent houses for the poor, Dalits and backward tribal families.

Permanent housing will be built only with the departure of Congress. This house will be in the name of mother and sisters. More than 4 crore people in the country have benefited from this scheme. The Prime Minister discussed the Ram temple being built in Ayodhya and said that BJP had said that the temple will be built and it was built. Chhattisgarh is the maternal birthplace of Lord Shri Ram. Taking a dig at the promises made in the election manifesto of the Congress, the Prime Minister said that the Congress has betrayed the trust of the people. What dreams were shown to the youth but what was given? Here even a scam of Mahadev betting was done in the name of Mahadev, which is being discussed in the country and abroad.

To fill the coffers, Congress made your children bet and ruined them. Those close to the Chief Minister here are in jail today. Crores of rupees are being recovered in the raid. The biggest accused in the scam is coming on TV with evidence and giving statement and has even talked about giving bribe to the Chief Minister. What proof is still needed? The giver himself is saying this, yet the Chief Minister is asking for votes. The Chief Minister surrounded by such allegations should not remain on the chair even for a day. After the allegations, even people close to the Chief Minister are avoiding him. The allegations are so serious and the evidence is so strong that it has become difficult for Congress to even defend its Chief Minister. Referring to the PSC scam, Mr Modi said that Congress recruited its own people. Transfer and recruitment industry is going on here.

BJP state president Arun Sao said that this election is an election to save Chhattisgarh. Bhupesh government has made Chhattisgarh a bastion of corruption, scams, crime and mafia, the time has come to save it. We have issued a resolution in the name of Modi’s guarantee in which the interests of all sections have been kept in mind. All 14 candidates of the division were present on the stage in the Vijay Sankalp Maharally, including Union Minister of State Renuka Singh Bharatpur-Sonhat, Vishnudev Sai Kunkuri, Shyambihari Jaiswal Manendragarh, Bhaiyalal Rajwade Baikunthpur, Bhulan Singh Marawi Premnagar, Lakshmi Rajwade Bhatgaon, Shakuntala Singh Porthe Pratappur, Ramvichar Netam Ramanujganj. , Udheshwari Paikra Samri, Prabodh Minj Lundra, Rajesh Aggarwal Ambikapur, Ramkumar Toppo Sitapur, Raimuni Bhagat Jashpur and Gomti Sai Pathalgaon including BJP District President Babulal Agarwal, State Officer Bhupendra Savanni, Sanjay Srivastava Bhimsen Agarwal and a large number of BJP leaders, officials Aamjan Sabha. Were involved in.

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