Private sector came forward to help people deported from Pakistan: Taliban.

Islamabad, November 4 (AP) The Taliban on Saturday appealed to Afghanistan’s private sector to come forward to help the large number of people deported from neighboring Pakistan.

Pakistan has been arresting and deporting all the foreigners saying that they are living in the country illegally but this policy has mostly affected the Afghan people as a large number of people were living here without documents.

The Kabul-based Ministry of Commerce and Industry has appealed to Afghanistan’s private sector to come forward for help.

The ministry said in a statement that the Afghan people being forcibly deported from Pakistan are going through the most difficult phase of their lives, with no opportunities.

According to the statement, “The Ministry has invited the private sector to help overcome the grave humanitarian crisis caused by the forced deportation of thousands of poor and needy. It is the duty of Islam and the Afghan people to stand up for their countrymen.”

Afghanistan is grappling with many challenges, including years of drought, a collapsing economy and the consequences of decades of war.

According to Taliban officials, Taliban social media accounts showed senior officials shaking hands with and welcoming Afghans returning home at the Torkham border in eastern Nangarhar province. Along with this, food, shelter and health services are also being provided to the people in temporary camps there.

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