Prominent doctor and relatives killed in airstrike in Gaza

Cairo, November 14 (AP) What Shayma Alloh was afraid of happened. In fact, the house in Gaza where 26 members of his family had taken shelter was hit by a missile attack. Aloh got the sad news on the phone, which he did not expect.

Late Saturday, four people were confirmed dead in the airstrike, including Aloh’s 36-year-old brother, prominent doctor Hammam Aloh, who was in northern Gaza treating patients at Shifa hospital, where Israeli forces have been fighting for several days. Has laid siege.

Aloh said that his doctor brother was staying at his in-laws’ house near the hospital, along with several relatives who were also staying there because they could not go anywhere else. Family members who survived the attack saw the doctor’s body.

The dead included Shaima Aloh’s father and two people from her brother’s in-laws. He gave this information to the Associated Press (AP) over phone on Monday. Aloh is currently living in America and did not provide information about her place of residence.

His brother was a renowned nephrologist at Gaza’s largest hospital.

Shaima told that she got information about the incident from her sister living in Qatar. The sister had called Shayma after hearing the news of air strike in the neighboring area.

After not being able to contact his brother and father Mahmoud, he finally called his mother Haifa, who had taken shelter in a nearby building with female relatives and was in shock after the airstrike.

Shaima said her mother eventually agreed to go to the spot to identify the male relatives, where she found Hammam’s body. Apart from Hammam, the mutilated body of his father-in-law was lying there.

AP Surabhi Avinash


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