PTF official claims Davis Cup committee asked India to play in Pakistan

Karachi, November 9 (Language) Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) on Thursday claimed that the Davis Cup Committee of ITF has ruled that India will have to play its match in Pakistan as per the original schedule.

The PTF claimed that the ITF had ruled in Pakistan’s favor because India had said they had security concerns over sending their team to the country.

“ITF has said that Pakistan will retain its hosting rights and has rejected the security concerns raised by India,” a senior PTF official said.

The Davis Cup Committee has accepted the PTF’s presentation against the All India Tennis Association’s (AITA) refusal to send its Davis Cup team to Pakistan for the Group One playoff tie in Islamabad in the first week of February.

“ITF has made it clear that if AITA fails to send its team to Islamabad, the result of the match will go in favor of Pakistan as there is no basis for India’s security concerns regarding playing in Pakistan,” the official said. ”

“The ITF also stated that it was the responsibility of the host to provide security to the visiting team and that they have successfully hosted other teams in the recent past without incident,” he said.

The Indian federation had recently told the Davis Cup committee that it was not possible for them to send their team to Islamabad for the match and had requested for it to be held at a neutral venue.

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