Rajnath attacks Congress government on corruption, says he is not a hero but a zero.

Sitapur (Chhattisgarh), November 11 (Language) Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, while targeting the Congress over the alleged corruption in the state government, said that its people say that we are the heroes, they are not heroes, they are zeros and they have to send them off. The time has come.

The Defense Minister said that if the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government is formed in the state, leftist extremism will be eliminated from here within three to four years.

While addressing the election rally in favor of BJP candidates in Sitapur area, Singh said, “Ever since the Congress led government of Bhupesh Baghel came to power in the state, corruption in the state has increased to such an extent that 30 taka directly Goes up. Here, everyone who gets food only eats… You have never seen such a hungry and corrupt government.”

He said, “If I ask you what is their report card, you will write that it is zero divided by silence.” They are zero in giving good government, zero in development, yet Congress people say that we are the heroes. This is not a hero but a zero. Now the time has come to bid farewell to this Congress government.”

Regarding leftist extremism in the state, the Defense Minister said that this problem was under control during the previous Raman Singh government but under the Congress rule, leftist extremism has increased rapidly.

He said, “Leftist extremism has increased rapidly in the state. After the formation of BJP government in the state, leftist extremism will be eliminated from Chhattisgarh in three to four years.”

During this, Singh said that conversion is increasing under the Congress government. When BJP comes to power, (forced) conversion will be banned.

He said, “I have received information that religious conversion is taking place at a rapid pace here. It’s a topic of concern Why should someone’s religion be converted by giving allurement? I assure that if our government is formed, we will ban conversion.”

Singh said, “After Congress came to power in the state, the law and order situation has collapsed. Crimes like murder have become common. Daughters of many families have gone missing which is a big challenge. Human trafficking and drug trade are increasing. It has become necessary to uproot Congress from the state.”

BJP has fielded former Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) employee Ram Kumar Toppo against Congress candidate and minister Amarjeet Bhagat from Sitapur assembly constituency of the state.

Sitapur is one of the 70 constituencies that will go to polls in the second phase on November 17. The first phase of voting was completed on 20 seats in the state on November 7.

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