Rohit could not win the World Cup but he needs to remain captain for at least two years

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Ahmedabad, November 20 (Language) Having not fulfilled his dream of winning the World Cup, when Rohit Sharma was shaking hands with everyone passing by him while coming out of the Motera Stadium on Sunday night, he was definitely feeling quite lonely. Must have been.

Even though it may seem that all the dreams of Rohit Sharma have been shattered but the Indian cricket team needs him now and he should be kept as the captain of the longer format for at least two years.

When Rahul Dravid’s captaincy tenure ended in 2007, Mahendra Singh Dhoni was ready to replace him and when Dhoni left the captaincy, Virat Kohli was already groomed. Similarly, Rohit was also ready to take responsibility from Kohli.

But no youth in the current team seems ready to take the responsibility of captaincy and in such a situation the selectors have no other option but to keep Rohit as the captain.

From the words of the team’s head coach Rahul Dravid, it can be understood how important Rohit is for the team.

Dravid said after the match, “He is an extraordinary captain.” Rohit has led this team really well. He has given a lot of his time and energy to his fellow players in the dressing room. He is always available for any discussion and meeting.

Rohit has thrilled cricket fans with his captaincy skills and carefree batting in the last six weeks.

Dravid said, “He put a lot of his time and energy into this World Cup campaign. He wanted to lead from the front and he did that from the beginning to the end of the tournament.”

Rohit is currently 36 years old and will be over 40 years of age when the next ODI World Cup is played in South Africa in 2027. However, instead of replacing him with someone else as captain, the Indian cricket management should keep him on this post for at least two years which will be important for Indian cricket.

In ODI, Rohit can decide which series he wants to play and which not, but in Test cricket, after Covid-19, he has been India’s best batsman in all kinds of conditions and the team needs him right now.

In the presence of Rohit, the next captain can be prepared so that the team can move forward well in the period of change.


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