Security Council adopts resolution demanding humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza

United Nations, November 16 (AP) The UN Security Council has adopted a resolution demanding an “immediate and extended humanitarian ceasefire” to ease the growing suffering of Palestinian civilians amid Israel’s ground and air attacks in Gaza. Have accepted.

This is the first resolution adopted by the United Nations since the beginning of the war between Israel and Hamas. However Israel has rejected this proposal.

12 votes were cast in favor of this proposal in the fifteen-member Security Council. America, Britain and Russia abstained from voting. In this resolution, when Hamas did not condemn the sudden attack on Israel on October 7, America and Britain distanced themselves from it.

The resolution contains soft language calling for a humanitarian ceasefire and “the immediate and unconditional release of all persons held hostage by Hamas and other groups.”

However, the Malta-sponsored resolution managed to overcome the serious differences that had prevented the Council from adopting the previous four resolutions.

“Today we achieved an important first step,” said Malta’s Ambassador to the UN, Vanessa Frazier. “We will remain committed to protecting civilians and eliminating the suffering of children in armed conflicts.”

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