Shakib and Bangladesh’s actions are extremely shameful: Mathews.

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New Delhi, November 6 (Language) Sri Lankan all-rounder Angelo Mathews termed Shakib Al Hasan and Bangladesh’s appeal to give him ‘time out’ in the ICC World Cup match here on Monday as extremely shameful, while the captain of the opposing team said that They have no qualms about it because it is as per the rules.

Mathews became the first batsman to be ‘timed out’ in international cricket. As soon as Mathews reached the crease and started putting on the helmet, its strap broke. He signaled to get another helmet from the dressing room but it took more than two minutes. Meanwhile, Shakib appealed for time out against Mathews and umpire Marais Erasmus declared him out.

Mathews said that this action of Shakib and Bangladesh is very shameful and he does not think any other team would have done this.

Mathews said in the post-match press conference, “I used to respect Shakib and Bangladesh a lot before today but not anymore. I wasn’t wasting any time. Everyone could see that I was at the crease but the strap of my helmet broke. This is a simple case of equipment malfunction. The actions of Shakib and Bangladesh are extremely shameful. If they want to play cricket like this then it is very shameful. I don’t think any other team would have done this. I also asked him to withdraw the appeal but he refused.”

The Sri Lankan all-rounder also said that his team has video evidence that he had reached the crease on time and the umpire should have taken the help of technology before giving him out.

He said, “We have video evidence that I reached the crease on time. When I reached the crease I still had five seconds left. What can I do if after this there is a problem with my helmet? This is a question of player safety. If a wicketkeeper cannot keep wickets against a spinner without wearing a helmet, then how could I face the bowler. The umpire should have resorted to technology before giving me out. If the technology is available then it should be used.

When Sri Lankan players did not shake hands with Bangladesh players after the match, Mathews said that if any team does not respect them then how can they respect them.

Matthews said, “If a team is not respecting us then how can we respect them?”

Meanwhile, Bangladesh captain Shakib said that he has no regrets about his decision as it was as per the rules.

Shakib said, “When the play was stopped, a fielder came to me and told me that we should appeal to the umpire because it has been a long time. We did that and the umpire gave him out. I know him since Under-19 days. He came to me and asked to withdraw the appeal. I told him I understand your situation. This is unfortunate but as per the rules. ,

On the question related to sportsmanship, Shakib said that if this is so then ICC should change the rules.

He said, “If this is so then the ICC should look into it and change the rule.”

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