Smriti Irani targeted Rajasthan government on corruption, law and order and crimes against women.

Jaipur, November 16 (Language) Union Minister Smriti Irani on Thursday accused the Congress government of Rajasthan of corruption and targeted various issues including law and order and crime against women.

Addressing election rallies in support of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate Vijay Bainsla in Deoli, Tonk and party candidate Surendra Singh Rathod in Charbhuja, Rajsamand, Irani described the assembly elections as a fight for the respect of women.

Irani stressed the need for a government in the state that gives priority to the safety of women. “The BJP-led government will take concrete steps to tackle crimes against women,” he promised.

Irani assured the public of important benefits if the BJP comes to power, including increase in annual financial assistance to farmers, gas cylinders at affordable rates for women, insurance for newborn girls and providing scooters to girls who pass class 12. Promise involved.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah was to address the rallies on Thursday but after his proposed program was cancelled, Irani addressed the rallies in his place.

He said that BJP workers are from Sher’s party and they are not afraid.

Irani said, “Those whose leaders are fools feel afraid. We are workers of the lion party. No matter how much you scare us, we are not afraid.”

Irani condemned the Congress government and highlighted cases of rape and atrocities against women.

She criticized the government’s silence on these issues and questioned its commitment towards women’s safety.

Irani also attacked Congress over state minister Shanti Dhariwal’s statement that it was a ‘man’s province’. Dhariwal had said last year that Rajasthan is a ‘men’s state’.

The Union Minister said, “Congress leaders say that this is a men’s state. I want to ask Gehlot who is the impotent person in your party who does not get angry over the rape of daughters?

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