SpaceX launches its new giant rocket, second test fails after explosion

Washington, November 18 (AP) SpaceX, the company led by industrialist Elon Musk, launched its huge rocket ‘Starship’ on Saturday, but its second test flight failed due to explosion in the booster and then the vehicle.

The booster sent the rocket toward space, but it lost communication eight minutes after liftoff from South Texas and SpaceX announced the test had failed.

The problem occurred as the spacecraft was about to fire its engines to orbit Earth, but a few minutes before the booster exploded.

The company’s goal was to separate the vehicle from its booster and send it into space.

The ‘Starship’ rocket was destroyed in an explosion shortly after its first test flight in April.

SpaceX spent the past several months improving both the rocket and the launch pad, located in the southern tip of Texas near the Mexico border. The Federal Aviation Administration had given all necessary approvals regarding the flight earlier this week.

The approximately 400 feet high ‘Starship’ is the world’s largest and most powerful rocket. Musk intends to use his rocket fleet to take people to the Moon and Mars.


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