Struggle to treat injured children in Gaza’s overcrowded hospital after Israeli attack

Burij Refugee Camp (Gaza Strip), November 3 (AP) After Israeli air strikes on Burij refugee camp, doctors in the hospital are facing difficulties in treating injured children due to limited resources.

Two Israeli air strikes destroyed an entire block of apartment buildings in the refugee camp and damaged a UN school-cum-shelter centre. Many injured are being treated on the hospital floor. A gray film covering the faces of children brought to Al-Aqsa hospital in central Gaza on Thursday made it difficult to distinguish between the living and the dead.

When doctors were trying to stop the flow of blood from a child’s head, blood spilled onto the tiles. A child was lying next to him wearing an oxygen mask. The child’s body was covered with ashes. His father was sitting near him. The father of the children said with tears in his throat, “Our children are being killed every day.”

This time more than 3,700 Palestinian children and minors have been killed in the fighting. Due to the bombing, more than half of the area’s 23 lakh population has become homeless. There is shortage of food and water in the area and fuel has also ended. The death toll is expected to rise as Israeli troops surround Gaza City and move in with a ground offensive.

The war began with a cross-border attack by the Hamas terrorist group on October 7, killing about 1,400 people in Israel and taking about 240 others hostage. More than 9,000 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza since then, according to the health ministry of Hamas-ruled Gaza.

At this time it is not clear why Israel targeted Burridge. It is located in an area in central Gaza where Israel has urged people to move to avoid heavy fighting to the north.

Israel’s military said the airstrikes in Gaza targeted a Hamas military command center secretly built in residential areas. But his statement did not specifically mention Burridge. Israel has accused Hamas of using civilians as human shields.

Gaza Civil Defense said at least 15 people were killed in the Burij attacks on Thursday. It said dozens of other people were feared buried under the debris. Rescue workers have struggled to rescue the injured and dead due to poor infrastructure and lack of fuel. About 46,000 people live in Burridge. Palestinians are searching for survivors in the debris.

AP Ashish Manisha


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