Surya Kiran team of Indian Air Force overwhelmed the audience

Ahmedabad, November 19 (Language) Ahead of the World Cup final between India and Australia, the Surya Kiran acrobatic team of the Indian Air Force on Sunday enthralled the audience at the packed Narendra Modi Stadium with its spectacular performance.

A total of nine Hawk MK-132 SKAT aircraft of the Indian Air Force created history as it was the first time that they performed an air show before a cricket match in India. What could be better than that it was the World Cup final.

The pilots of the Surya Kiran team, part of the 52nd Squadron of the Indian Air Force, presented a 10-minute program before the toss at the Narendra Modi Stadium, which has a capacity of over 132,000 spectators.

Only nine of the SKAT team, usually composed of 13 pilots, perform in their Hawk Advanced Trainer jet at any one time.


Pant Sudhir


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