Tamil Nadu minister defends participation in conference related to Sanatan Dharma

Chennai, November 7 (Language) Tamil Nadu Minister PK Shekhar Babu on Tuesday told the Madras High Court that the petitions filed against him regarding the conference related to Sanatan Dharma are motivated by political vendetta and sought dismissal of the petitions.

The minister said his participation in the September 2 conference was in support of the abolition of the caste system and untouchability. Its objective was to promote equality and harmony in the society.

Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department Minister Shekhar Babu argued that the writ petitions were not maintainable and had no merit and hence they should be dismissed with imposition of fine.

These writ petitions have been filed to issue a writ of quo warranto to remove a minister from office and are not maintainable.

The Madras High Court and the Supreme Court have ruled that an elected member of Parliament or Assembly cannot be recalled (removed from office) and there is no provision in the Constitution for recall of an elected member.

Citing the judgments, the respondent Minister said that a writ of quo warranto cannot be issued against a Minister.

He said that the writ petitions have been filed with the aim of creating wrong sentiments and polarizing votes among different caste and religious groups.

The petitioner has claimed that he is an office bearer of Hindu Munnani, which has the support of Bharatiya Janata Party.

With regard to the conference, the respondent stated that the organizers of the meeting felt that the principles adopted in ‘Sanatan’ were against maintaining equality among human beings.

The respondent said that anything which is against equality and promotes caste system and untouchability is considered bad for the society.

“Speakers at the conference expressed similar sentiments and called upon the society to be kind and considerate towards fellow human beings and treat them equally by renouncing untouchability,” he said. He said that the Dravidian movement always propagated the abolition of caste system in the society. DMK party was also established for the same purpose.

Shekhar Babu said that the concept of ‘Sanatan’ is interpreted differently in different parts of the country. He had attended the meeting with Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin.

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