The luck of these 3 zodiac signs will change and they will become rich!

Today, fast will be observed on Rama Ekadashi Tithi and on this day, the auspicious combination of Trigrahi Yoga, Kalanidhi Yoga is also taking place, due to which Thursday is going to be lucky for many zodiac signs. The effect of these auspicious yoga will be on other five zodiac signs including Gemini, Virgo, due to which today will be beneficial for these zodiac signs.

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On Thursday, the Moon is going to transit into Virgo, the sign of Mercury. Venus and Ketu are already present in Virgo, due to which Trigrahi Yoga is being formed. Besides, today is also the Ekadashi date of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month and on this day the fast of Rama Ekadashi tithi will also be observed. On this day, an auspicious combination of Kalanidhi Yoga, Trigrahi Yoga and Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra is also taking place, due to which today is being considered very important.

Virgo sun sign

Today i.e. 9th November is going to be a pleasant day for Virgo people. Today, Virgo people will complete all their tasks one by one and will also be successful in fulfilling the responsibilities of their children. From a financial point of view, today is going to be a good day for your zodiac sign. Efforts being made to increase income will be successful and people working in the field of livelihood will get good success.


Today is going to be an auspicious day for Scorpio people. Scorpio people will have good health today and will plan to go out for dinner with their love partner. You can get tremendous benefit from any of your art and can also think about making it your career. If you are stuck in any court case then today you may get victory, which will also give you relief.

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Today is going to be beneficial for Aquarius people. Aquarius people will be lucky tomorrow and may get good opportunities for career advancement. Students do not need to think before participating in any competition tomorrow, because they will definitely get success. Good relationships may come tomorrow for marriageable people, due to which there will be hustle and bustle in the family and they will also make plans for events with family members. If employed people are thinking of starting a small business tomorrow, they will be able to find time for it.

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