The mother of the teenager killed in police firing demonstrated against the release of the accused.

Nanterre (France), November 20 (AP) Hundreds of people led a protest by the victim’s mother on Sunday demanding justice for a teenager who was allegedly shot dead by a police officer during a vehicle stop in France. Did.

Earlier, the court has released the suspected police officer from custody pending further investigation.

Protests have been taking place across the country since the death of Nahel Merzouk June. During this time, people are expressing their anger over police violence, poverty and discrimination against people from immigrant backgrounds. Merzouk was originally from North Africa.

Hundreds of people protested on Sunday in Nelson Mandela Square in the Paris suburb of Nanterre. It was at this location that Merzouq was shot. A large number of police vehicles were present during the protest. The protest remained peaceful, but there was a brief tense situation with objects being thrown at the police, which was later brought under control.

Late Kishore’s mother Maunia became emotional while remembering her son. He led the group with the slogan “Justice for Nahel”.

Other victims of police violence also participated in this protest.

A video from the day of Merzouk’s death has also emerged, showing two officers riding a motorcycle standing near the window of his car, one of whom is pointing a gun at the teenager. As Merzouk drove the car forward, the officer opened fire.

The officer was identified as Florian M. Two days after the incident, he was arrested and put in jail and a case of murder was registered.

On Wednesday, the Nanterre prosecutor’s office said the magistrate concluded that the charges under which the police officer is being held in continued detention “do not meet the legal criteria.”

According to the French system, if the magistrate feels that the accused has not been detained as per the prescribed standards, then he can issue an order to release him till the investigation is completed.

The situation regarding the hearing of the case is not clear.

AP Khari Manisha


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