Trump denies allegation of giving false information about his assets to the bank during court hearing

New York, November 6 (AP) When former US President Donald Trump recorded his testimony before the Manhattan court in the fraud case on Monday, Trump, who is running for the presidency from the Republican Party, strongly refuted the allegations against him. Denied.

Trump denied allegations of huge increase in his wealth. He also denied the allegation that he had given wrong information about his assets to the bank.

However, the appearance could also mark the beginning of what will be a defining feature of the 2024 election if Trump runs for president in 2024 on his party’s behalf.

“This is going to be an amazing moment,” said historian Douglas Brinkley. It would be quite dramatic if he (Trump) were the only former president to face these charges. But, the fact is that he is proving to be the favorite to run the government.

During the court proceedings, Trump denied the charge of violating the partial ban order. However, the judge fined him.

Trump made most of his case while speaking to media outside the courtroom and expressed his anger elsewhere.

AP Shafiq Madhav


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