UK Prime Minister Sunak promises tax cuts.

London, Nov 20 (Language) British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Monday promised that he is ready to cut taxes ‘responsibly’ now that his target of halving inflation by the end of this year has been met.

However, Sunak sought to temper expectations ahead of the autumn budget this week, cautioning that the government will not do “everything at once”.

Amid growing pressure from various leaders of the ruling Conservative Party, Sunak said he intended to implement the next phase of economic growth by approaching taxation in a disciplined manner.

It is being speculated that Britain’s Chancellor Jeremy Hunt will unveil some tax measures when he makes a statement in the House of Commons on Wednesday.

“Now that inflation has halved and our growth is strong, meaning revenues are high, we can start the next phase and focus on tax cuts,” Sunak said.

British Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has stepped up pressure ahead of a possible general election in 2024 to implement tax-cutting measures that could sway voters toward the ruling party. However, the ruling party is lagging behind the opposition Labor Party in opinion polls.

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