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Washington, November 10 (AP) The world’s population has crossed eight billion, but the long-term trend of slowing world population growth continues. The US Census Bureau said this on Thursday.

The Bureau estimates that the global population crossed this limit on September 26.

The United Nations had estimated that this number was exceeded 10 months ago and declared November 22, 2022 as ‘Eight Billion Population Day’, the US Census Bureau said in a statement.

According to the Bureau, this discrepancy may be due to different census methods by countries or due to not counting at all. According to this, many countries lack a system for recording births and deaths. According to the bureau, some of the most populous countries like India and Nigeria have not conducted a census for more than a decade.

The rate of world population growth has slowed since doubling between 1960 and 2000. Old age mortality rates are declining in countries such as Canada, while countries such as Nigeria have seen a decline in the under-five mortality rate.

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