US House approves $14.5 billion aid for Israel

Washington, November 3 (AP) The US House of Representatives on Thursday approved providing $ 14.5 billion in military aid to Israel, which is at war with Hamas.

The approval reflects America’s broad support for Israel in its war with Hamas, but it also reflects the partisan stance of new House Speaker Mike Johnson, who poses a direct challenge to the Democratic Party and US President Joe Biden. .

Johnson went beyond the norm and advocated for a Republican package that calls for reductions in other government spending to provide emergency aid. It installed new conservative Republican leadership in the House, but the bill, which generally expected bipartisan support, left Democratic and Republican lawmakers divided. Biden has said that he will use a veto on this bill.

The Democratic Party says the Republican package will delay aid to Israel. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said the “shockingly non-serious” bill has no chance of passing in the Senate.

The first significant legislative effort in Congress to support Israel in the war falls far short of Biden’s request of about $106 billion, which would include funding to help Ukraine fight Russia, advance U.S. efforts to deal with China and A provision was also made to deal with the challenge on the border with Mexico.

Biden threatened to use a veto against the Republican bill, saying Johnson’s approach “fails to meet the urgent need of this time” and cutting emergency funding elsewhere would set a dangerous precedent. .

The bill calls for the same amount of money for Israel as requested by Biden, but the official residence and office of the US President said that not including humanitarian aid for Gaza in the Republican plan is a ‘ It is a ‘big mistake’ because it has deepened the crisis.

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