Women are unsafe in Chhattisgarh and hooliganism is at its peak – Dr. Ujwala Karade, read full news.

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Women are unsafe in Chhattisgarh and hooliganism is at its peak – Dr. Ujwala Karade

Bilaspur – Aam Aadmi Party’s Bilaspur Assembly constituency candidate Dr. Ujjwala Karade is continuously contacting the voters of the city requesting their support.

Although Dr. Ujwala left no stone unturned in public relations in the entire area of ​​Bilaspur assembly, in the same vein, while campaigning vigorously in Goalpara area today, he told all sections of the people that my objective of coming to power is not my greed, but the common man. My aim is to serve the public. He said that today women are unsafe everywhere in the city and hooliganism is at its peak. No big leader is worried about this plight of the city, but such conditions in the city make me restless. I have undertaken to adapt,

And I will leave no stone unturned to bring it to fruition and this is not possible without your support…? Because this decisive work is not possible without your support, but I promise that you support me, I will change the picture of Bilaspur city. The presence of a large number of women with Dr. Ujwala Karade during today’s election campaign also shows some new story. It is true that the women community is now troubled by the increasing hooliganism and crimes related to women in the city.

Today in the election campaign in Gaudpara area of ​​the city, women as well as children all blessed Dr. Ujwala Karade and promised to give her full support. Let it be known that BJP ruled for 15 years and the result was zero…! In the last assembly, the people of Bilaspur rejected former minister Amar Aggarwal and welcomed Congress candidate Shailesh Pandey with a new hope.

Won with huge votes but due to internal infighting in the party, MLA Shailesh Pandey could not do anything special for the development of Bilaspur and allegations were leveled against him many times by the people of the party, as a result, he tried his best to avoid those allegations. Efforts were made and four and a half years passed but neither development nor legal system of Bilaspur took place but every time the only question arising in the minds of the people of Bilaspur was that
Whom should we choose now who will stand up to our trust in all areas?

Meanwhile, due to the changing political environment in Delhi and Punjab, suddenly a political party emerged which changed the fate and picture of those two states and the people of Bilaspur got a new hope in the form of AAP Party candidate. Since then, a new trend has started emerging among the people of Bilaspur. Don’t the people of Bilaspur want that the level of education here too should improve and law and order should be improved? Because now there is a lot of possibility of AAP party coming as an alternative in Chhattisgarh.

Let us tell you that this time the silent decision of the people of Bilaspur has written a new chapter and blessed the victory of AAP party candidate Dr. Ujwala Karade, there is just a delay in displaying the decision.

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