Young Indian professionals in America want big changes in academia

Washington, Nov 8 (PTI) In a conversation with India’s Ambassador to the US Taranjit Singh Sandhu, a group of young Indian professionals discussed ways to ease movement between the two countries for faculty, students and researchers as well as students to come together. There has been a demand to provide more space for studies and research work.

The Embassy of India in collaboration with ‘Young Professionals in South Asia Policy’ (YPSAP) organized a conference in which a group of professionals along with top diplomats of India put forward their important viewpoints.

YPSAP is the largest network of South Asia-related professionals in the Washington region.

During the interaction, professionals participating in the conference made several recommendations, which included facilitating movement of faculty, students and researchers between the two countries, providing more space for India-US students to come together for study and research, and creating a -Demands like ease of travel to other countries are included.

In his response, Sandhu underlined that India is currently going through a digital revolution and the role of Indian youth is increasing in the development of the country. Apart from this, he also reiterated the importance of strengthening the existing relations between the two countries in higher education cooperation.

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